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Brand Expression

the making of pt.sni logo


Our Brand Expression

PT. Sinergy Niagatama Indonesia (SNI) creates its logo from the concept of "Morris And Takashima", that comes from the Greek word 'Sunergos' means working together, and 'ergon' means work. These strong value is the foundation of the creation of the brand expression.


Corporate Logo Configuration

The logogram is created accuratedly and precisely, in order to maintain consistency, and balance as for the future usage in press production or in the production for the signage system. Our brand expression is bold and unique, our colors are green, and brown visualize our commitment and perseverance in providing people with high technology and guaranteed lamps.


Corporate Logo in Real Color

Corporate Logo in Reversed Color

Logo in reversed color


Logo reversed in black color


Logo in black and white


These configuration is needed to fulfill the cross media production such as in print media, for high quality color or for the one color production as the final goal is to achieve clear communication about our brand, and emphasize the logo in every publication of the company.




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