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Why choose us?

PT. Sinergy Niagatama Indonesia is a professional lighting company in Indonesia. We have a wide selection of lighting products that will appeal to all customers, such as importers, distributors, contractors and retail firms. Our products have a wide range from energy saving lamp 2U, energy saving lamp 3U, energy saving lamp 4U, to energy saving lamp spiral. Furthermore we provide our technical engineers to fulfill your needs in premium quality, and will give you constructive technical advice and product after sales support.



To become Indonesia’s no.1 lighting company by providing innovative, and high value products and excellence service, with full support from our talented people in order to give the greatest advantage to the world.


1. We develop brand, create innovative, high quality, and green products to fulfill the consumer's needs.

2. We build distribution system with excellence, and competitive services to all our consumer.

3. We develop good partnership with our business partners.

4. We commit to develop and sustain the best effort, and talent through leadership, and human resource management.


Please contact us with your specific needs at our phone office (021) 4585 2688 [hunting], fax. (021) 451 6611, 4585 4637, 4585 4638, consumer service: SMS (021) 7018 5757 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



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