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Light art as a form of visual art

Light art is a form of visual art where main media of expression is light. Light has been used for architectural aesthetical effects throughout human history. However, the modern concept of light art emerged with the development of artificial light sources and experimenting modern art. Examples of light art include works by Dan Flavin, Olafur Eliasson, James Turrell, Waltraut Cooper, Aleksandra Stratimirovič, Austine Wood Comarow and many others.

As an example artist Austine Wood Comarow works with pure polarized light passing through birefringent materials to create interactive and morphing images. This art form uses no pigments whatsoever, deriving prismatic colors purely from birefringence.

Also included in the light art genre is the so-called light graffiti including projection onto buildings, arrangement of lighted windows in buildings and painting with hand-held lights onto film using time exposure.


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